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VajraSoft Inc. prides itself on delivering world class software support for its Cloud and on-premise product & solution offerings. Highly skilled, customer-focused support team readily assist you to resolve issues quickly so that you seamlessly carry out your business.

Define the problem

Describe the problem and symptoms before contacting software support - this can expedite the issue resolution process. It is very important that you define the problem as clearly as possible. This will help application support specialists to understand your issue and provide you appropriate solution.

Collect the background or contextual information.

To solve problems effectively, the software support specialist needs to have all of the relevant information about the problem. Your ability to answer the following questions will help us to solve your software problem.

  • What levels of software were you running when the problem occurred? Please include all relevant products, i.e.: operating system as well as related products.
  • Is it a reoccuring problem, or is it an isolated issue?
  • Outline the preceeding steps you have done leading to the issue/failure?
  • Can the issue be duplicated? Specify the steps required?

Accessing Software Support

When submitting a problem to VajraSoft Inc. Software Support about a particular service request, please have the following information ready:

  • Customer Number - Note: you should be able to get your Customer number from product invoices.
  • The machine type/model/serial number (for support requests)
  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Contact Telephone
  • Related product and version information
  • Related operating system and database information
  • Web Browser type and version
  • Detailed description of the issue
  • Severity of the issue/impact

Standard Technical Support

Standard Technical Support includes 16 X 5 technical assistance. VajraSoft Inc. developers and customer support specialists, deliver complete, fully-integrated service to customers.

Based on the Support level, VajraSoft Inc. provides support services including 24X7 technical assistance, proactive support resources, as well as product updates. VajraSoft Inc. developers and customer support specialists, deliver complete, fully-integrated service to customers.

The support services help maximize performance, achieve high availability and reduce risk across Products and Solutions offerings.

Product Updates

As part of the customer support, product updates will be provided to customers periodically. Optionally, for critical support, customers are provided with the option to download critical patches / software updates.

Phone Support: 1-925-248-2523 (You must have purchased support)

Technical Support Policy

Technical support fees for any product is due and payable annually in advance of a support period, unless otherwise stated in the agreement and / or order. Failure to renew and submit payment will result in the termination of support.

Support Period

Technical support is effective upon the effective date of order, unless otherwise stated. VajraSoft technical support is for a 12 month support period.