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    Intellectual Property Services

    VajraSoft Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end Intellectual Property solutions to help customers automate their global patent portfolio, IP License Management and monetizing their IP, knowledge assets and increase their bottom-line through IP Assets strategic management.

    Intellectual Property Services offerings include: Patent Application Preparation Services - Drafting & Filing of Patent Applications in 65 countries, Competitive IP Intelligence Report, Patent Landscape Report, IP Due Diligence Report, IP Valuation, and IP Litigation Support.

    The countries included in the Services are as follow : US, China, India, Brazil, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Peru, Poland, Sweden and more.




    Intellectual Property Services
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    IP Valuation

    IP Valuation service offerings include: Valuation for transfer pricing, Royalty studies for transfer pricing, Manage Innovations & IP Commercialization, Techonology spin-offs, Licensing / cross-licensing, Patent sales / purchases, and Market Assessments.

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    IP Litigation Support

    IP Litigation Support Services include: Intellecutal Property Cases and Patent infringement.