Training by Product | VajraSoft Inc

Training Courses:

  • Introduction to IPWayz

  • Introduction to IPWayz Rover

  • Generating Patent Cost Estimates using IP Cost-O-Meter

  • IP Cost-O-Meter for IP Financial Planning

  • Fast Tracking IP Commercialization using IP Monetizer

  • License Management using IP Monetizer

  • Patent Prosecution Highway Automation 101

  • Drafting and Filing Patents using IPWayz

  • Managing Patent Prosecution using PatenTrak

  • Introduction to IP Patenalytics

  • Introduction to IPWayz Rover Copyright Management

  • Introduction to IPWayz Rover Trademark Management

  • Drafting and Filing Provisional Patent Applications using IPWayz Provisional

  • Introduction to IP Due Diligencer

  • Implementing IP Regime using IPWayz Patent Box

  • Generating Patent Family Trees using IPWayz Patent Family Tree Generator

  • Introduction to IPMation Application Suite