Top 10 Strategies for building Business Value and Positioning for Successful Exit Opportunities Training Course

Top 10 Strategies for building Business Value and Positioning for Successful Exit Opportunities

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Duration: 3 Hours
Price: $699 - Includes Infographics Handouts!


Course Description

  • This course walks you through on different types of IP's and how to execute effective IP Protection strategy. This course provides you understanding of IP Strategy and how to build a successful innovative start-up. It also teaches approaches on how to implement right IP Strategy and IP value chain for a successful exit.

    Upon completion of this course, you should walk away with:

    • IP Fundamentals
    • Types of IP Protection
    • How to get IP Protection?
    • IP Protection Strategies
    • Filing Patent Application with USPTO
    • Foreign filing of Patent Applications
    • Filing Provisional Patent Application
    • How well is your IP Strategy aligned with your business Strategy?
    • How is your IP aligned to Products, Revenue and Business Organization
    • Analyzing Competitive Positioning
    • Freedom to Operate and Expansion of Product Offerings
    • Establishing effective patent maintenance program and cost management process
    • Creating IP Licensing Revenue streams
    • Royalty Income from Patent Licensing
    • How to screen Patent Threats
    • How to reduce patent litigation risk
    • Analyzing the gaps in Current Portfolio - Strategies to beef up
    • Identify the Technology Directions
    • Strategic Positioning and Options
    • Determine how Patent Portfolio is being used
    • Defensive Strategy
    • Offensive Strategy
    • Influence on Market Leadership
    • Patent Strategy - Conducting IP Portfolio Audits
    • Consideration for IP Alignment and Value Creation
    • Changes to Value over Time
    • Interplay between Different IP Assets
    • Assessment of Portfolio Effectiveness
    • Managing Portfolios of Technology Platforms
    • Resources and Skill Sets

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for Entrepreneurs, Start-up CEO’s, CIPO’s, Chief Patent Offices and CXO’s, Chief Patent Counsels, Business and IP Executives, Intellectual Property Directors & Managers, Entrepreneurs, Tech start-ups, Inventors, Researchers, Trainees in Research, Technology Organizations, Technology/IP Managers/Patent Professionals/Innovation Officers, Software Professionals, Candidates new to the innovation management role, Attorneys and Technology Officers.

Instructor Bio

Kameshwar Eranki is Founder, CEO & Chief Architect of VajraSoft Inc., a Intellectual Property Management Software company based in Silicon Valley, California, helping customers build, manage innovations portfolio and monetize IP's. Kameshwar architected several award winning Cloud, big data and innovations applications, and drives the growth of Products and Customer portfolio. He has over 23 years experience and is responsible for spearheading Intellectual Property Management Software development, process improvement, technology adoption and delivering customer value. He is recognized leader in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and as global Intellectual Property expert.

Kameshwar is experienced in providing transformative innovative solutions to Life Sciences, Green Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, AgTech, Nutraceuticals, Food Processing, Glass & Chemicals, Aerospace Industries. He is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at World Patent Congress and Big Data Conferences and has published 11 books in Software programming technologies and Intellectual Property Management. Kameshwar is also IP Columnist and pens articles for leading newspapers and media channels. Kameshwar holds Master of Science in E-Business Systems and Technologies from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA. Kameshwar is based in Silicon Valley, California USA.