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Intellectual Property Training

Deliver Practical, Hands-on, Life Skills.


  • 1) Direct - Online On-demand Training course offerings - 141 courses are directly offered
    a) Six Must do Courses for every Entrepreneur

  • 2) Collaborate with University and
    a) Offer Accredited Graduate Program (M.S. and MBA) Courses in Innovation, IP Management; University will offer graduate program credits;
    b) Offer Certificate Courses - with joint certificate

  • 3) Provide Faculty training Workshops in Innovation, IP, Technology Transfer and IP Commercialization

  • 4) Collaborate with Training Partners - who take our courseware; syllabus; marketing collaterals and run on-site training programs;

  • 5) Coporate Partners - who integrate our course offering into their training offerings; We offer them our Training Management Platform; List of Courses; Curriculum - Contents; This is online; Corporates register their users and expose our courses; On registration user comes to our platform to complete their training(s).

  • 6) Custom Onsite Training programs

  • 7) Patent Examiner Training Program - they can used some of the published online courses; pointers are obvious once we publish bulk of the courses on pintels.teachable.com