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Technology Transfer Management Software Solutions

VajraSoft Inc. provides cloud based Technology Transfer Management software helping Technology Transfer Offices and Offices of Technology Transfer and IP Commercialization across Universities, Laboratories and other organizations to manage their innovations and monetize IP's. IPWayzTM and IP Monetizer TM accelerate innovations from Lab to Market. The solution not only quickens Time-to-Market, but also reduces costs. It empowers Technology Transfer specialists to manage entire innovation life cycle & IP Commercialization - starting from invention disclosures & patenting, licensing, royalty revenue management, Technology Transfer Performance metrics and publication of IP Annual Report.

Key Features

Key Features of Technology Transfer Management software include:

  • Strategic IP Assets Management
  • Invention disclosures
  • Patenting - Drafting & Filing of patents
  • Manage Patent Prosecution
  • Manage Patent Renewals
  • Document Management
  • Manage Patent License Agreements - Active Licenses
  • Licensees Database
  • Track Royalty Income on Licensing
  • Ensure Contracts Compliance
  • Technology Transfer Performance Metrics
  • IP Audit
  • Publish IP Annual Report
  • In addition, the software allows you to track & manage Cooperative Research and Development Agreements - CRADA agreements, Material Transfer Agreements (MTA), as well as Sponsored Research agreements, publish Intellectual Property Annual Reports, improving your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) further.

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