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Patent Maps

Pintels and IPWayz - Patent VisualizerTM - provide you the patent visualizations - Patent Maps for your patent portfolio and allows you to identify the patents in particular technologies. The infographics provide you deep insights into your portfolio, key technology areas, Top Law firms that are handling you patent prosecution, Top inventors, Distribution map of your patent portfolio. The types of visualizations include - Location maps, Bar charts, Pie charts, Line graphs and Bubble charts.

Patent VisualizerTM - provides you analytics - graphics related to both structured data as well as unstructured data.

Text Analytics

Some of the Analytic Reports include:

  • Show patenting activity of your company
  • Assignee - Filing and Publication Trend - Granted / Issued Patents and Published Patents
  • Top Technology Composition - Classes and Sub classes
  • Top 10 Inventors
  • Top 10 Counsels - Key Counsel Maps
  • Top 10 IP Law Firms
  • Patent Maps portraying overall composition of your patent portfolio
  • Patent Map of each Technology Area


Leveraging Big Data platform, Pintels TM delivers text analytics. You can perform keyword based search. The results sets provide you analytics - patent visualizations based on several factors. Keyword based search is performed on the following:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Claim
  • Patent Full-Text