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Patent Family Tree View in IPWayzTM - Protecting your invention:

A patent family is a set of patent applications or publications from multiple countries to protect a single invention by a common inventor(s) and then patented in more than one country. A first application is made in one country – that is, in the priority, and is then extended to other countries. More simply stated - All filings/applications for “same invention” constitute a patent family. Total of national patents/publications constitute family.

Using IPWayzTM you can map the patent families based on the priority applications filed in multiple countries (globally), protecting your single invention in multiple countries. The first application is made as the priority application and rest of the application in different application (on same invention) are tracked and represented as nodes.

Why Patent Family Tree View?

There are multiple reasons as to why you need patent family tree views.

  • Family tree is grouped based on the priority information extracted from the patents
  • For any given patent you can generate graphical tree representation of family
  • Patent family tree shows status of each patent application
  • Analyze the implications for examinationAnalyze the implications for examination
  • Serves as Prior Art
  • Know Families - "where" all IP protection was pursued
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Evolve strategies to dispose non-core patent assets
  • Leverage large network of partners

Data SheetData Sheet: IPWayz Patent Family Tree Generator

Support for Different Types of Patent Families

IPWayzTM supports different types of patent families. These include:

  • Simple Patent Family
  • Complex Patent Family
  • Extended Patent Family - Includes national and international applications

IPWayz shows the Patent Family Tree View. User can generate the report on any patent application. Using the drill-down capability you can explore the family tree and get to the node you want. The related table format report shows the status of the patent application as well.