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IP Integration Solutions

In order to achieve end-to-end automation and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), it is critical that Enterprises need to integrate their application solutions. Valued added services needed for most Enterprises are employee / HR integration, Email integration and ERP integration.

HR Integration

  • provides employee information in IPMation Application Suite - Patent Portfolio Management, IP Cost-O-Meter, IP Monetizer, IP Analytics. Companies can leverage employee hierarchy into IPMation Application Suite applications. The pre-built application integration touch points can be leveraged for quicker integration with source system.

Email Integration

  • SMTP (email) integration ensures that employees receive proactive alerts and notifications. The pre-built application integration touch points can be leveraged for quicker integration with source system. Also, email integration can be achieved using the configuration management in IPMation TM Applications..

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

  • integration with Accounts Payable ensures invoices data flow into IPWayz. The pre-built application integration touch points can be leveraged for quicker integration with source system.

Integration with Contracts Management Application

QuickBooks Integration

  • with IPWayz - Patent Portfolio Management System allows customers (users) to import Invoice related data from QuickBooks software into Patent Portfolio Management System. This is extremely useful for customers to associate, maintain and track their invoices specific to the patent number or patent application, as well as for accounting purposes.

Time Management

  • provisions tracking and measuring time spent on various projects, programs associated with IP application and initiatives.

Patent Prosecution Management

  • The application captures all the actions, responses, alerts, notifications, actions taken in patent prosecution phase. Patent prosecution history report provides all the information related patent prosecution stage.

Manage Pre-Grant and Post-grant Oppositions

Patent Monitoring

  • Alerts, Notifications & Responses - Patent Monitoring - Alerts, Notifications - pro-active monitoring of each patent and its prosecution / renewals makes Paralegal's work easy. The two layers of alerting and notification / response system ensures no deadlines are missed thereby minimizing the risk of oversight.

Patent Analytics

  • Patent analytics dashboards and reports include - Pending Action reports, Open invention reports, Patent Application status report, Patent Prosecution History report, List of Inventions, List of Inventors, List of Agents associated with a patent application, Open inventions reports,, List of patents based on country, application type, application status, Case Number, Case Status, Client, Country, Family reference, Parent Number, Publication Date etc.

Global IP Filing Cost Estimation

  • ensures IP Executives get the cost estimates ahead of time, in the countries they are planned or planned to file patent application. They are now empowered to make quick decisions on filing in one or more countries, aligned with business go-to-market strategy.

IP Budget & Forecasting

  • Forecast the IP budgets ahead of time as to what it will cost you to maintain the patent portfolio as well as adding new patent applications to the portfolio.

In / Out Licensing - IP License Management

  • Manage and track all your In / Out Licenses in a single global repository. The licensing metadata provides Legal executives the visibility to expiring license agreements / contracts to take pro-active actions.

Royalties Management

  • Calculate the royalties due on an IP. Based on current licenses, forecast the Royalty Revenue.

Conduct Royalty Audits

  • IP Licensing consultants can perform License Compliance & Auditing to identify IP license revenue leakages.

Plugin IP Revenue leakages