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Solution for Aligning IP Strategy and Business Strategy

One of the biggest challenges in IP industry is to align IP strategy with Business strategy. As business strategy and focus keep changing based on market dynamics it is imperative for IP strategy also to adapt with business strategy. But, how does one go about with it? This is a million dollar question.

Business Challenges

Most businesses are facing mounting challenges due to lack of alignment between IP strategy and business strategies. Typical challenges include:

  • Lack of internal processes for extracting, evaluating, and capitalizing on IP
  • Often we see how uninformed many companies are about their competitors' IP
  • Lack of automation to deliver consistent and repeatable business processes
  • Failing to understand competitive IP Intelligence
  • Lack of Key Process Indicators (KPIs), Measures and Metrics
  • Lack of Executive support
  • Siloed or disparate systems - High IP operations support costs
  • Business dissatisfaction

Identify and take care of What needs to go into a Patent Application

Aligning IP strategy and Business strategy

The stakes for successful alignment and execution of IP strategy is higher than ever. In today's challenging environment the line between IP strategy and business strategy (IP & Business strategies) are blurring and requires IP organizations to adopt more iterative and agile approach.

Maintaining a patent portfolio that is aligned with corporate strategy is not an easy task and comes with its own set of challenges. Business environments can change rapidly , and hence business decisions that were appropriate months earlier suddenly seem to change or appear to be out of place, forcing the need to adopt to new conditions. If this not the case, then it leads to gaps and potential misalignment and thereby throwing IP strategy incoherent to business strategy. So, maintaining a consistent strategy across multiple business units, especially with business acquisitions (M&A) requires active management of patent portfolio and its alignment with the business in maximizing the ROI and improving stakeholder value.

  • Perform your due-diligence – Evaluate IP Patent portfolio in light of corporate objectives, goals and identify areas of misalignment
  • Perform Competitive IP Intelligence - do the gap analysis; identify acquisition targets
  • Plan to close the gaps - make your patent portfolio robust
  • Monetize the non-core assets through outright sale or licensing

A well balanced IP strategy must include the following three steps:

  • How to identify IP within the organization
  • How to procure IP?
  • How to exploit IP?
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How to close Alignment Gaps?

Closing the gaps in alignment is critical to enhance business success. IPMationTM Application Suite – PatFolioTM, PatenTrakTM, IP Cost-O-MeterTM, IP MonetizerTM, IP PatenalyticsTM – to address the traditional alignment gaps and provides you end-to-end IP automation, taking your inventions from the lab to the marketplace for monetization. It also provisions, Key Process Indicators (KPIs), Measures and Metrics to help you track, measure the performance as well as providing control parameters to achieve closer alignment. IPMation provisions KPIs, dashboards and metrics to achieve IP Assets strategic management.

Metrics driven performance measurement and alignment closes the gap between IP strategy and business enhancing strategic intent into seamless execution. The KPI – metrics based "Performance Alignment" provides you the controls to a meaningful level so that you know to do, to influence / tune for the desired outcome.

Gain Competitive IP Intelligence

Business strategy involves good understanding of Market, Customers and Technology areas. Before formulating a comprehensive business strategy, business must know what it owns (your patent portfolio) and perform competitive intelligence analysis as well to know the gaps, understand the trends in technology areas and identifying potential acquisition targets. PintelsTM - Intelligence Analytics on demand provides you Competitive Intelligence solutions - provisioning you actionable intelligence to gain optimal results.

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