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Invention Disclosure Management

What is Invention Disclosure? What does Invention Disclosure contain? Should i have Invention Disclosure Management System?

You need information on proposed invention / innovation in several aspects.

  • Invention Description – This includes: Title, summary of invention, drawings, Conception, what is that the innovation is going to address, where can the innovation be applied, what are the product or services that could be developed using this innovation, what are the novel aspects, what is the value add of the innovation (be specific)
  • Gather information on like products, technologies (if any) or competitors
  • How are you going to validate the relevancy / need and commercial viability (present what you know – there is no need to do deep dive analysis on this, at this point of time)
  • Do you know or can assess / suggest who can be potential commercialization partners or can license it?
  • Basic facts around invention – Have you disclosed it in public – such as publication, abstract, thesis, web post, blog, presentation or orally? If so, provide the information – date announced, where to whom (audience).
  • Inventor Details – Include Name, Position, Department, Role, Address, Contact Tel Fax, email, Residency / citizenship information

Automating Invention Disclosure Management Process

Is there a need to automated Invention Disclosure Management process? Obvious answer is “Yes”.

There are several benefits in doing so:

  • Growth of Innovation
  • Capture ideas, innovations, inventions across the org, using standard tool
  • Derive consistency in all submissions / disclosures
  • Centralized repository of innovation for review committees / experts to review and approve
  • Facilitates effective evaluation of innovation resulting in better IP protection
  • Collect prior art, literature and non-literature of interest related to the innovation and evaluate it in specific context. This has downstream benefits as well.

As benefits out weigh the cost of automating Invention Disclosure Management System (IDMS), the Return on Investment (ROI) is quick and hence the scope of automating invention disclosure management is obvious.

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