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Integrated Intellectual Property Management Software

In most organizations, R&D, Business & Legal groups operate as three distinct functions and existing in silos. These functional silos are the main reasons for lack of process integration. Also, lack of common framework for collaboration - between inventors, IP Managers, IP Executives, Outside Law firms (both Internal and External) is another major challenge in managing Intellectual property assets and maximizing value.

So, a Integrated Intellectual Property Management Software is needed to overcome these challenges. It provides end-to-end automated processes. The integrations allow you to overcome silos and provide strong interconnects. Leveraging this integrated framework allows seamless collaboration between Business, Technical, Inventors, & Legal functions to create IP's, protect IP's, Extracting IP's, Exploiting IP's and evaluating performance of these.

Strategic alignment of all these functions, empowers you to protect IP's, increase Market Power and block competition and provide you competitive advantage.

VajraSoft Inc.'s IPMation Application Suite is world's 1st and most comprehensive Intellectual Property Management application software. The combined strengths of IPWayz, PatenTrak, IP Cost-O-Meter, IP Monetizer and IP Patenalytics allow customers to manage their innovations and monetize on IP's.

Another unique aspect of these products is that all they are cloud based web applications and most of these products have pre-built integrations, accelerating & automating key business processes and providing enterprises with Integrated Intellectual Property Management Software.

Key Challenges

The key challenges include:

  • Lack of end-to-end integration of processes
  • Need for tracking patent costs & Spend Control
  • High Intellectual property operation costs
  • Deal with disparate systems, Siloed applications
  • Cannot maximize the opportunity of creating and exploiting the value of IP
  • Lack of common framework for collaboration between actors in managing and improving IP assets

Value Proposition

Key features of PatenTrakTM include:

  • Optimize IP business processes to improve profitability from IP's, block competition, pursue cross licensing / monetization opportunities and prevention of lawsuits
  • Collaboration between internal and external actors

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Email Integration
  • HR Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Project Integration
  • Product Integration
  • Custom Application Integration