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EPO Validation Process Overview

EPO Validation

  • The first step towards getting patent prosecution is to apply for one. How do you go about? It can be done by filing European patent application (as per European Patent Convention) with the EPO. As soon as you receive 71(3) - Intent for Grant of patent, you can file for Direct Validation. The automated validation solution ensures european patent validation - by provisioning translation of patent claims into Eglish, German and French languages as needed and expedite it. The validation solution provisions validation of application in each national patent office of the country across Europe.


  • Global Patent Portfolio Management System provides you with the option of filing EPO applications and managing the validation (EPO validation) process.

  • The EPO Validation solution eliminates the need to going to multiple agencies, there by reducing the costs for validation and obtaining protection. Another unique aspect of the EPO validation is the Time-To-Value - wherein translations, national fee payments, filings are taken care off under one banner, ensuring expediting the application(s) as soon as possible.

    The diagram below outlines the EPO validation process.
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EPO Application Filing Checklist

Summary of the information that needs to be submitted with European patent application - The following fees are payable in respect of a European patent application:

The validation solution provides the following services:

  • Translations
  • Submission to the national patent offices
  • Administration of fee payments relating to the validations
  • Reporting back to you or your patent attorneys
  • Acting as Address for Service in countries where this is required

  • Direct Validation - European Patent validation

    • provides you with end-to-end IP services and can help you in getting the right IP expert and guide you through the preparation and filing, monitoring process. You can maintain the EPC patent application portfolio using IPWayzTM. It allows you to track the EPO patent application lifecycle, including validations in the list of countries where you want to protect your patent(s).

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