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Executive Summary

Micro entity provision of the America Invents Act (AIA) is now implemented in IPMation Application Suite. Implementing this software, entities claiming as micro-entity status can leverage the automation. The rules covering the procedure are incorporated to ensure that application fees including - filing, searching, examining, issuing, appealing, and maintaining a patent application and patent are factored in when dealing with micro-entity status based patent applications.

Micro entity provision of the America Invents Act (AIA) implemented:

IPMation Application Suite supports America Invents Act's micro entity provisions. These include:

  • First Inventor To File (FITF)
  • AIA's micro entity provisions
  • New Patent Fees (for Micro-entity) included in - IP Cost-O-MeterTM

Universities or University-Employed Inventor-Applicants, or University Technology Transfer Entities or those organizations that qualify as per micro-entity definition can leverage IPMation Application Suite, to implement - that is, draft, file and manage prosecution of their patent applications as micro-entity status entities. Based on the rules that are in implementation starting March 19, 2013 - certain patent fees is reduced by 75% for micro entities.

The micro-entity definition outlines that the applicant qualifies as a small entity as defined in 37 CFR 1.27 and has not been named as an inventor on more than four previously filed patent applications, other than - foreign applications, provisional applications, international applications for which the basic national fee under 35 U.S.C. 41(a) was not paid - that is, PCT applications that have not past the international stage.

Costs and Benefits of Micro Entity Status

Effective March 19, 2013, qualified applicants will be able to pay fees at the Micro Entity rate, that is, pay a fee reduced by 75%. For example, Universities maintaining a patent portfolio tend to immediate gain and can justify the costs easily. For formal definition of Small / Micro entities refer to - 37 CFR 1.27 - Definition of small/micro entities

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