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Patent Renewal Management using IPWayz

Companies with global patent portfolio, find it very challenging to track the due dates of patent maintenance fees as the dates - based on the country, can be annual or based on the local country laws. It becomes extremely difficult to track these dates. IPWayz alleviates these issues, by proactively monitoring the maintenance due dates and sending out alerts and notifications for on-time patent renewals.

IPWayz automatically checks the maintenance status and sends notifications on upcoming patent renewals. For US patents, patent maintenance fees are due:

  • Three to three and a half years after the date of issue for the first payment
  • Seven to seven and a half years after the date of issue for the second payment; and
  • 11 to 11.5 years after the date of issue for the third and final payment

On time payments ensures the continuity of patents, avioding / eliminating the threat of expiration. Failure to pay on-time payments results in cancellation of the granted patent.

IPWayz automatically tracks upcoming patent renewal due dates and sends out alerts and notifications. IPWayz also displays the due dates in Pending Actions Dashboards.