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Executive Summary

Most IP Professionals within the organization are challenged to get New Patent Filing correctly and accurately. Another challenge is reduce the patent preparation & filing costs.

IPWayz not only automates invention disclosure management but also manages patent portfolio and patent prosecution life cycle. In addition, IPWayz provisions various checklists useful for patent filing. Using these checklists IP Professionals can ensure requisite information needed for preparing patent application is available and ready for filing. These patent application checklists save money, time and reduce / eliminate errors in patent application filing with patent office.

The patent application checklists further reduce chances of missing the essential or making mistakes by ensuring required information for application to be processed is in place and get the applications right!

Key Takeaways of Patent Applications Checklists includes:

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Costs/ Save Money
  • Reduce / Eliminate Errors

Product Name

Following are the patent application related checklists:

  • Provisional Application Checklist
  • New Patent Application Checklist
  • Design Patent Application Checklist
  • Plant Patent Application Checklist
  • PCT Patent Application Checklist
  • Claims Scope Checklist
  • Patent Validity Checklist
  • Re-issue Application Checklist
  • Patent Specification Checklist

  • Other IP related Checklists

    VajraSoft Inc. also offers IP related checklists. These include:

    • IP Due Diligence Checklist
    • Trade Secrets Checklist
    • Enforcement Issues Checklist
    • Freedom To Operate Checklist