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Implementation & Data Migration Services


VajraSoft Inc. Implementation team engage with customers to install, configure IPMation Application Suite application for business use. On-premise implementation provides the business with the option to host the IP applications, within the corporate firewalls. Alternately, Cloud hosted IPMation Application suite options are also available.

Data Migration Services

A question that often comes up in customer's mind is that - do I have to migrate all my data (from spreadsheets or other applications) to IPMation Application suite. The answers is "No". Customers can engage VajraSoft Inc. implementation & Data Migration Services team to do a one-time migration of existing data to IPMation Applications. VajraSoft Inc. Experts ensure that data migration is carried out quickly and efficiently, and conduct data validation checks to ensure data integrity and successful migration.

The Intellectual Property application integration solutions include:

  • HR Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration Solutions
  • Integration with Contracts Management Application
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Time Management
  • Document Management System

Implementation & Data Migration Services

The Implementation & Data Migration services include:

  • Implementation Services
  • Data Migration Services