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Executive Summary

VajraSoft Inc. together with its Global Alliance partners offers patent drafting & filing services globally. Using our services you can file patent applications in US, Europe, India, China and across majority of the countries in the world.

Preparing Patent Applications

Key steps in preparing patent application include:

  • Define the Patent Strategy - Offensive, Defensive or Design based
  • Obtain Invention Disclosures from Inventors
  • Identify Patentable inventions
  • Understand invention

Identify and take care of What needs to go into a Patent Application

Filing Patent Applications

Before filing patent application - determine:

  • Domestic / Priority Filings
  • Foreign Filings
  • Application Filing Requirements

Based on the application type, there are different application filing requirements that one has to follow. For example - European Patent Convention (EPC) Filing or US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filing or Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT) filing - the filing requirements vary.

IPWayz - Global Patent Portfolio Management application allows you to manage all application types and the filing requirements associated with each application type. IPWayz ensures that you comply and file all the requisite information in your patent filings. Alternatively, VajraSoft Inc. and its Global Alliance Partners can help you draft and file patent applications globally - be it USPTO or EPO, India, China or across the globe.

For any requests or questions, you can reach us at contactus@vajrasoftinc.com

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