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Executive Summary

PatenTrakTM is easy-to-use web based patent application document submission & management and e-Office Actions tracking solution. The integrated iDox TM allows you to manage all the patent application pdf forms and documents submitted to USPTO. PatenTrakTM integrates USPTO EFS-Web Fillable Form documents for you to submit to USPTO online as well as saving the information to PatenTrak database for subsequent references, making it easier for various people to work on different application sections prior to submitting to the USPTO. PatenTrakTM accelerates patent application document preparation, assembly and submissions process providing faster Time-To-Value and improving the efficiency. PatenTrakTM also provides a repository of legacy (Non EFS-Web) forms for use.

PatenTrakTM improves data reliability and accuracy and saves time across all the stages of prosecuting patent applications with the USPTO. The centralized repository - iDox TM is the place where versions of documents are assembled for final review and signing. The built-in integration with the PTO’s EFS-Web system allows you to submit patent application forms (pdf forms) and quickly upload the documents. The fillable pdf forms enable you to modify the data and save after embedding the data. PatenTrakTM provisions easy upload of docket data and documents into the EFS-Web system.

PatenTrakTM integrates and tracks all e-Office actions and manages patent prosecution history. User can download the files from Image File Wrapper (IFW) Private PAIR into PatenTrakTM. The XML based integration ensures that outbound correspondence (e-office actions) from USPTO, are in PatenTrak database. Customers can retrieve the prosecution history from PatenTrak database at any time. Integration with IPWayz TM application ensures that all the e-Office actions flow into Pending Actions Dashboard and/or into Patent prosecution of the application.

The PatenTrakTM email integration facilitates notification to customer, providing latest status information on the patent application during prosecution.


The USPTO EFS-Web pdf fillable forms include:

  • Application Data Sheet (SB14)
  • Information Disclosure Statement (SB08A)
  • Petition to Accept Unintentionally Delayed Payment of Maintenance Fee in an Expired Patent (SB66)
  • Petition to Make Special based on Age (SB130)
  • Request for Continued Examination (RCE) Transmittal (SB30)
  • Provisional Cover Sheet (SB16)
  • Accelerated Examination (SB28)
  • Electronic Patent Assignment System (ePAS) Integration - allows you to assign patents - transfer ownership of a patent application or patent from one entity to another.

Key Features

Key features of PatenTrakTM include:

  • Data extraction from fillable forms into database
  • Manage all types of patent application filings
  • Repository of forms
  • Integration with USPTO EFS-Web Private Pair
  • Get up-to-date e-Office Action and share with customers
  • Prebuilt integration with IPWayz
  • Manage Electronic Patent Assignment submissions to EPAS
  • Integrate iDox Document Management System
  • Backup and restore of EFS-Web Digital certificate
  • Manage PCT data filings with ease


Key benefits of PatenTrakTM include:

  • Fillable PDF Forms for submissions
  • Data extraction from fillable forms
  • Data Consistency
  • Minimize rework
  • Data accuracy for all types of filings
  • Seamless integration with IPWayz
  • Improve productivity
  • Faster Time-to-value