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Executive Summary

Universities are major centers of innovations in multiple technology domains. In addition, many universities also run technology incubation centers and nuture Startups that produce inventions or innovations / patents / IP's and span across multiple departments. It is challenging to run the IP operations in cost efficient way. Also, Universities want to automate IP business operations - tha is, across Technology Trasfer Offices and Center of Innovation. Gaining visibility into IP Business operations and controlling patent costs, managing licenses and monetizing of IP's are other challenges that need to be addressed

VajraSoft Inc. IPMation Application Suite products help Universities to manage innovations and monetize their IP's.

IPWayzTM - University Edition

Key Features

Using VajraSoft Inc. IPWayz, IP Cost-O-Meter, IP Monetizer, IP Patenalytics - University Technology Transfer Office, Center for Innovation and Technology Incubation Centers can:

  • Automate the Idea / Innovation / Invention Disclosure Management
  • Capture all the ideas / innovations across all departments and locations
  • Patent Review committee can evaluate all the Invention disclosures and determine which IP's can be funded for Patent filing and IP Protection
  • Build & Manage Global Patent Portfolio
  • Track, manage and control all patent costs
  • Automate In/Out License management as well as CRADA agreements
  • IP Royalties Revenue management
  • Publish IP Annual Report in few clicks
  • Generate IP / Patent Scorecard
  • Provision all the information for Portfolio Assessment - Create an actionable foundation to structure licensing and commercialization efforts


Key benefits of IPWayz UniversityTM include:

  • End-to-end automation of IP Business operations
  • More visibility & control
  • Automation of Ideation / Invention Disclosure Management
  • Manage Monetization of IP's
  • Generate Fiscal Year statistics in few clicks

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