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Executive Summary

Start-up companies in early, mid or late-stage face the challenge of translating new product or service innovations / inventions into a commercial product that uniquely meets the unmet or underserved needs of their customers. In the process, start-up companies are generating copyrights, trademarks and patent opportunities that are extremely important to record, assemble, file, and track for FIVE reasons:

  • Block competition
  • Capture Inventor(s) thoughts and ideas electronically for subsequent reference and filing
  • Lock-in invention discovery dates as soon as it happens and be first-to-file
  • Ensure legal protection of these assets with automatic recording of drafts and final versions as they are created
  • Increase valuation

IPWayzTM - StartUp Edition

IPWayzTM is a web based application that allows you to monitor and manage all the inventions and patent application filed, being prosecuted, granted, rejected, abandoned or expired. This Global Patent Portfolio Management System manages invention disclosures, drafting & filing of patents, track financials and provision storing of both patent and non-patent literature of interest as well. You can monitor articles, reviews published in Journals, magazines on various patents within the portfolio. The Quick and Instant search features allows you to quickly retrieve the patents, data results you need.

Key Features

Key features of IPWayzTM include:

  • Automate the Idea / Innovation / Invention Disclosure Management
  • Build & Manage Global Patent Portfolio
  • Track, manage and control all patent costs
  • Patent Prosecution Management
  • Patent Renewals Management
  • Manage Literature of Interest & Non-literature of Interest


Key benefits of IPWayz StartUpTM include:

  • Manage Patent Portfolio with Ease
  • Quicken Patent applications drafting & submission
  • Provide quick and regular patent prosecution updates
  • Automation of Ideation / Invention Disclosure Management
  • Manage Patent Prosecution Process
  • Audit IP License agreements
  • Reduce IP Operations costs
  • Faster Time-to-value

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