IPWayz Professional Edition | VajraSoft Inc

Executive Summary

Key challenges to Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents is to collaborate with inventors for invention disclosure and Patent preparation & prosecution. Also, Patent portfolio management of customer demands more time. Customers are looking for get patent drafting & filing and portfolio management services in collaborative and cost effective way.

VajraSoft Inc.'s IPWayz Professional Edition addresses these challenges and provides end-to-end automation in IP realm, saving you Time & Money, and help you deliver consistent & reliable services to customers quicker and faster. Starting with Invention Disclosure Management wherein potential inventors submit their proposed inventions, to preparing patent applications & filing patent application, Docket Management and patent renewals management. It allows you to manage entire patent prosecution lifecycle with ease.

Key Features

  • Patent Preparation & Prosecution
  • Invention Disclosure Management
  • Manage Patent Claims Construction
  • Manage Citations, References, Literature of Interest
  • Drafting Patent Applications
  • Filing Patent Applications
  • Global Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Prosecution Management
  • Manage Post Grant Applications - Reissue, Inter Partes Reexamination, Ex Parte Reexamination
  • Manage Oppositions
  • Foreign Filing Agent
  • Submit Patent Applications Online to Patent Office
  • Manage e-Office Actions
  • Docket Management
  • Manage all the patent filing quotes
  • Manage Patent Licensing Agreements
  • Manage Contracts
  • Manage Patent Prosecution Highway Applications

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