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Executive Summary

IPWayz Pro Bono cloud based software application accelerates patent application request process and helps Independent Inventors and Start-ups to fast track their application requirements process, expedite the patent applications and quickly launch their inventions into Marketplace and accelerate growth.

IPWayz Pro Bono software provides independent inventors and start-ups a way to accelerate the submission of patent application requests and expedite the verification and qualification process for pro bono assistance program. IPWayz Pro Bono is an innovation application of VajraSoft Inc., and a Strategic Partner of the Texas Patent Assistance Program. IPWayz Pro Bono software helps independent inventors and small businesses to accelerate the drafting, filing and prosecution of non-provisional patent application to protect their inventions. The end-to-end automation of pro bono program using IPWayz Pro Bono accelerates innovations to market. Using the software, the inventors stand to benefits from 24 X 7, online access. Also, the USPTO patent examiners benefit by receiving better quality applications for examination.

IPWayz Pro Bono

IPWayz Pro Bono Cloud software automatically validates all requirements, criteria for Pro Bono Assistance.

The basic requirements include:

  • Meet the maximum household income criteria
  • Training certificate - knowledge of the patent system, that is, successfully complete the on-line Certificate Training Course
  • You must have an invention, not just an idea!

The automation of USPTO Patent Assistance Program not only accelerates independent inventors and start-ups through their patent application process. Second, it allows patent attorneys to manage their case dockets and patent prosecution lifecycle.

Another unique aspect of this solution is that it provides the seamless continuity for the patent attorneys to not only leverage the patent drafting and filing capabilities within IPWayz, but also docket and manage the patent prosecution lifecycle as well, thereby providing faster time to market and superior time to value.

Why IPWayz Pro Bono?

Using IPWayz Pro Bono, cloud software application you can:

  • Validate the qualification process - automate initial eligibility screening
  • Manage all non-provisional applications from the state
  • Manage all Applicants
  • Manage all Pro Bono Patent Attorneys and IP Law firms
  • Match suitable attorney with the applicant
  • Monitor progress of Texas Patent Pro Bono Program
  • Respond to requests from the USPTO
  • Respond to requests from the USPTO
  • Provide progress reports on nationwide implementation

Also, USPTO patent examiners benefit by receiving better quality applications that they can examine more efficiently and effectively.

Services from IPWayz Pro Bono

Key services provisioned by IPWayz Pro Bono include:

  • Patent prosecution for non-provisional applications
  • Match of inventors and patent attorneys
  • Assistance with filing non-provisional patent application
  • Assistance with responses to USPTO office actions
  • Manage patent prosecution history
  • Applicants for assistance with filing provisional patent applications

See IPWayz Pro Bono in Action

IPWayz Pro Bono is an innovation application of VajraSoft Inc., a Strategic Partner of the Texas Patent Assistance Program. Proudly, Texas is the first state to launch this level of end-to-end automation, providing quicker time to market. With this innovative solution in place, the Texas Patent Assistance Program is strongly aligned to increase its outreach activities, better interact with the applicant community, and decrease patent application requests backlog, while improving the quality of patent applications.

Texas, being at the forefront of innovations, is the first state in the U.S. to automate the Pro Bono patent program to help inventors and startups to expedite their patent application requests. By accelerating the patent process, independent inventors and entrepreneurs can fast-track their products into the market.

Complementary Services along with IPWayz Pro Bono:

  • Prior art searches
  • Patentability analysis, clearance or freedom to operate analysis
  • Licensing, transfer, enforcement or disputes
  • Assistance with the prosecution of international patent applications that correspond to the application