IPWayz Enterprise Edition | VajraSoft Inc

Executive Summary

One of the main issues encountered by Chief Legal Officer (CLO) managing Patents (IP's), is to know on how to tap the innovations / inventions from inventors? Another key challenge faced by CLO is the lack of appropriate systems to identify and support innovation starting from idea generation, submission through patent application life cycle. A day-to-day challenge for IP Managers is to look for ways and means to accomplish automation, aligned to business process.

VajraSoft Inc.'s IPWayzTM - Patent Portfolio Management System identifies the patents of strategic value for the business. Using this software, Executives can achieve patent portfolio optimization and reduce costs. The Case Management module allows inventors to submit potential inventions for patent committee review.

Using IPWayz TM - Patent Portfolio Management System, management gets deeper insight into prosecution management, to assess the overall performance and effectiveness of the organization.

Business Challenges

Several challenges are encountered due to lack of effective patent portfolio management system. Some of the key business challenges include:

  • Lack of visibility to management to worldwide Patent portfolio
  • Unable to track the Total costs associated with each patent application in single system
  • Lack of consolidation of Cases / Inventions submitted by inventors in various departments for review
  • Lack of in-depth understanding of where the investments are flowing in (maintenance, new inventions etc.)
  • How much ROI is being realized from the current patent portfolio?
  • How are operations being executed in prosecution phase?

Key Features

IPWayz helps you manage patent portfolio of your business. IPWayz TM provisions the management of the patent application lifecycle. It provides decisioning support to Executives on patent portfolio, providing strategic value to the organization.

A key element of portfolio management is to provide visibility into top performing patents. The User Interface reduces the time to manage a application as well as reducing the legal overheads and empower user to do more with less.

Case Management

At the core of building company's IP assets is to garner innovation and get them for mainstream approval and adoption to promote company's strategic growth. VajraSoft Inc.'s IPWayz - Patent Portfolio Management System provides you robust web application that allows inventors to present their ideas for review and approval. This automation lends reviewers a database pool of brilliant ideas / innovations that can be brought to main stream business focus. Through Case Management Patent Review committee now have the ability to collect, evaluate and execute on approved patent applications.

Global Patent Portfolio Management

Using this application you can track all the inventions and patent application filed, being prosecuted, granted, rejected, abandoned or expired. Patent Portfolio Management System provisions storing of both patent and non-patent literature of interest. You can track articles, reviews published in Journals, magazines on various patents in portfolio. The Quick Search and Instant search allows you to quickly retrieve the data results you need.

Patent Prosecution Management

The application captures all the patent prosecution steps, notifications, actions and responses. Patent prosecution history report provides all the information related patent prosecution management.

Tracking costs with one click

All costs associated with patent management are tracked by IPWayz - Patent Management System and at 'one click' shows the total costs till that point. User can drill down to track specific invoices, amount and payment dates. In addition, IPWayz supports integration with enterprise ERP system in a 'push - pull' configuration option, eliminating manual entries or possible errors.

Patent Renewals Management

Renewal Reminders - You have the option to receive quarterly or monthly patent renewal reminders in advance of upcoming renewal deadlines.

Information Disclosure Statement

Manage all your invention disclosures as a single source.

Patent-to-Product Mapping

Building a global patent portfolio is a precursor to achieve the goal of obtaining value from patent portfolio. IP Managers can easily identify high value patents and formulate monetization strategies while under assessing low value IP assets. IP Assets Strategic Management is the core objective of IPMation Application SuiteMap your patents to Programs, Projects and Products. Establish the Evidence of Use which can potentially be used during Patent Litigation.

Role Based Access & Control

Role based access control ensures secured access - ensuring the right person with right credentials see the right information they are supposed to see.

Patent Monitoring - Automatic Alerts and Notification of Actions

Users get auto alerts and notifications as part of prosecution workflow management. Using Case Management, Inventors can submit inventions online for committee review

ERP - Invoice integration

Provides the ability to integrate and pull invoice data from Oracle E-Business Suite (ERP) or SAP systems.

Manage Literature of Interest & Non-literature of Interest

Manage Patent and Non-patent literature providing instant insight into the non-patent literature filed till that point of time. Tracks the Programs and projects for executives to make informed decisions.

Patent Analytics

Patent analytics dashboards and reports include - Pending Action reports, Open invention reports, Patent Application status report, Patent Prosecution History report, List of Inventions, List of Inventors, List of Agents associated with a patent application, List of Attorneys or Law firms associated with a patent application, List of patents based on country, application type, application status etc.


  • Manage Patent Portfolio with Ease
  • Gain visibility to Performing patents of strategic value to Business
  • Provide CLO / Executives with deep insights to build comprehensive patent portfolio optimization strategy to reduce the costs
  • Inventors can submit their inventions to Patent Review Committee
  • Keywords Management
  • Reduce need to type (key in)
  • Personalized Search, quickly get to the needed information
  • Personalized Dashboards and Reporting
  • Pre-built Patent Analytics Reports on Patent Applications
  • Provide measure on patents usage