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Executive Summary

IPCityTM Marketplace is one stop shop for all intellecutal property solutions your business needs. It accelerates the buy, sell and licensing of patents. This common Intellectual Property Trading platform reduces costs to customers drastically and extends the reach to market at fairly affordable price. IPCityTM Marketplace is efficient, effective and cost saving marketing solution, providing common infrastructure for generating demand and revenues therein. From Buyers perspective, IPCityTM Marketplace provides "potential IPs for acquiring" based on matching with technologies of interest. This drastically reduces the time needed to identify the technologies and opportunities that you (as buyer) are interested in.

IPCityTM Marketplace lists thousands of licensable patents in different technology categories. Using the Featured Technologies section you can access all new technologies that are ready for licensing. The strategic objective of IPCityTM Marketplace application is to accelerate innovations from lab to market and fast track IP Monetization. Thousands of Licensable patents across multiple technologies including Green energy technologies, Solar energy, Wind energy, Nanotechnology, Laser technologies, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Communications, Medical technologies etc. are available on IPCityTM Marketplace.

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Business Challenges

The key question for most companies is “how do I monetize my patent portfolio?” Traditional marketing methods are expensive and unaffordable for most businesses due to lack of critical mass of patents and high marketing costs therein. Insufficient funding, capital limitations and lack of marketing are the biggest challenges of IP Technology Commercialization. Also, not moving fast enough to commercialize IP’s is yet another significant factor inhibiting monetization. Lack of infrastructure to promote, market is yet another choking point for generating demand. VajraSoft Inc.’s IPCity Marketplace addresses these challenges and provides cost effective IP Monetization channel to business to fast track the IP Monetization process.

The strategic objective of IPCityTM Marketplace application is to accelerate innovations from lab to market and fast track IP Monetization.

The common Marketplace infrastructure provides opportunity for Enterprises, Universities and Startups to cost effectively generate leads. On the other side of the spectrum IPCity Marketplace provides the technology scouters, in-licensing managers, business development teams and Mergers & Acquisitions specialists – a subscription based personal profile technology needs matching option to receive alerts based on the technologies they are interested in, and in the process help business meet their needs. IPCityTM Marketplace serves as technology acquisition channel.


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The IPCityTM Marketplace Listing package offering includes the following options:

The end-to-end service offerings include the following:

    List of Featured Technologies
    Listing of Patents, innovations for technology licensing / Licensable Patents / List Patents
    Search for latest technologies
    IP Matching based on technologies of interest
    Fast track IP Marketing and generate Leads
    Technology watch and Business Intelligence
    Subscription alerts for technology match
    Generate revenues for your IP's
    Businesses can acquire IP for offensive or defensive position against competitors
    Browse innovation portfolio by category

    The personalized dashboards deliver you the technologies and licensable patents that you are interested in. Based on your profile setup choices, you have choice to subscribe to receiving automatic alerts and notification as and when a match occurs with listing of patents.

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Key Features & Capabilities

    Offer trading platform for Patents, IP's
    Common infrastructure for generating demand
    Reduce costs drastically
    Extends reach in fairly affordable price
    Patent Quality is important
    What is the problem the technology is going to solve
    Efficient, effective and cost saving marketing solution
    Accelerate Innovations from Lab to Market
    Faster Time to Market

Value Added Services

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