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Executive Summary

Management needs visibility and critical insight to IP business operations to make informed decisions and improve the monetization / revenue streams. The pre-built Intellectual Property (IP) / Patent Analytics, dashboards and reports in IP PatenalyticsTM provide management IP Patent 3600 analytics - that span from Case management, potential inventions, global patent portfolio, different patent application types and their status, total patent filing costs, proactive notifications & alerts on upcoming patent maintenance renewals, Royalties on IP's, Patent families, Monetization on IP's and other useful reports.

Intellectual Property (IP) Analytics is integrated component of IPMation Application Suite. IP Analytics provide insight onto IP strategic assets, business operations insight and return on investment. The out of the box reports are based on key performance indicators (KPI's) such as Patent filed, granted, revenue generated by IP's and costs incurred in maintaining patent portfolio and IP metrics.

Why IP Patenalytics?

VajraSoft Inc.'s IP / Patent Analytics provides 3600 information on all the IP aspects within the organization. These include - Patent Portfolio Reports, Patent Prosecution phases reporting, Total costs incurred on each IP, personalized dashboard providing the list of open inventions, upcoming patent maintenance renewals, Alerts and Notifications related to patent renewal filing due date, actions on patents as well as internal and external attorney's associated with each IP / Patent. IP PatenalyticsTM provides the info in role based personalized dashboard and reports.

IP PatenalyticsTM provisions over 85 pre-built analytics dashboards and reports - that can be leveraged for strategic, tactical and business operations decisions.

IP Patenalytics

Key Features

Key Features of IP PatenalyticsTM include:

  • Manage IP / Patent Licenses
  • Gain visibility into patent prosecution take appropriate action
  • Royalties Revenue Management & Reporting
  • IP license revenue forecasting reports
  • Reports providing insight into ROI on each IP
  • Provide indepth information to management on making informed decisions on Out licensing


Key benefits of IP PatenalyticsTM include:

  • Gain visibility to manage Patent prosecution lifecycle
  • Visibility to Legal Attorneys and Executives to proactively manage & maintain all IP licenses
  • Provide visibility to expiring license contracts - Legal can have insight into expiring license agreements.
  • Reports on In & Out Licensing
  • IP License compliance & tracking reports
  • Audit Management - provisioning audit trails on IP License agreements
  • Provide Revenue forecasts - IP Revenue Forecasting reports


IP PatenalyticsTM Dashboard reports include:

  • List of Patent Applications, Patents by Case Number
  • List of Patent Applications, Patents by Country, Inventor, Attorney, Agent etc.
  • Patent Applications Reports
  • Patent grant / status Reports
  • IP License Management Financial Metrics
  • IP License Management Quantitative Metrics
  • IP License Management Qualitative Metrics
  • IP License Management Time Metrics
  • IP License Management Utilization Metrics