IP Mobilytics | VajraSoft Inc

Executive Summary

Management needs visibility and critical insight to IP business operations to make informed decisions and improve the monetization / revenue streams. The pre-built Intellectual Property (IP) / Patent Analytics, dashboards and reports in IP MobilyticsTM provide management dashboard analytics reports on Mobile devices such as iPads, Android Tablets and Mobile phone devices.

Why IP Mobilytics?

VajraSoft Inc.'s IP Mobilytics provides analytics on Mobile devices. These include - Number of Invention disclosures, patents granted, patents filed, patent applications types filed, pendency of the applications, top inventors etc.

IP Mobilytics

Key Features

Key Features of IP MobilyticsTM include:

  • Manage IP / Patent Licenses
  • Gain visibility into patent prosecution take appropriate action
  • Royalties Revenue Management & Reporting
  • IP license revenue forecasting reports
  • Reports providing insight into ROI on each IP
  • Provide in-depth information to management on making informed decisions on Out licensing


Key benefits of IP MobilyticsTM include:

  • Gain visibility to manage Patent prosecution lifecycle
  • Visibility to Legal Attorneys and Executives to pro-actively manage & maintain all IP licenses
  • Provide visibility to expiring license contracts - Legal can have insight into expiring license agreements.
  • Reports on In & Out Licensing
  • IP License compliance & tracking reports
  • Audit Management - provisioning audit trails on IP License agreements
  • Provide Revenue forecasts - IP Revenue Forecasting reports