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Executive Summary

Patent box is the tax incentive policy wherein, corporate taxpayers owning qualifying intellectual property benefits from tax incentives on incomes for IP licensing and sale of products from intellectual property. Countries offering the tax incentive policies - also referred as Patent Box, Innovation box, IP regime include UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, OECD countries and G20 countries.

Patent box transforms how R&D innovation investments are made and income generated from qualifying IP's.

IPWayz Patent Box implements tax incentives of intellectual property and empowers you to manage, track and monitor R&D innovation, Patent Portfolio, patent renewals, IP licensing contracts, royalty revenue, qualify IP income, conducting IP audit.



Key Features of IPWayz Patent Box

Company must have taxable income, in the country of jurisdiction, have revenue from IP licensing or IP protected products.

  • Manage all tax incentives for intellectual property in one unified system
  • Track all R&D innovations - invention disclosures
  • Manage all types of IP's including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Design
  • Manage and track patent portfolio, renewals and related costs
  • Manage all out licensing contracts and royalty revenues, that is, monitor qualifying income
  • Reconcile qualified costs
  • Simplify tax calculations
  • Conduct IP Audit
  • Patent to Product Mapping
  • Patent to Standards Mapping


Manage International Accounting Standards 20 Disclosures in One System: IPWayz Patent Box

A unique aspect of IPWayz Patent Box is that it is IAS 20 and BEPS Action 5 compliant and empowers businesses to manage, track and monitor all qualified IP expenses and qualified IP income in one system.


                 Manage IAS 20 disclosures


Common conditions that qualify taxable income in IP regime Patent box

Company must have taxable income, in the country of jurisdiction, have revenue from IP licensing or IP protected products.

Some countries consider patent related income to qualify for tax incentives, but in other countries income derived from Trademarks, Copyrights, Design also qualify for IP expenditure and IP income.

It is interesting to note that all countries, with exception of China, allow R&D qualify IP to be performed abroad. European Union countries potentially require R&D activities to be undertaken within European Economic Area (EEA).


Types of Intellectual Property Supported

                 Types of Intellectual Property supported in IP Regime


Based on the jurisdiction of the ip regime, types of intellectual property supported include: patents, trademarks, copyrights, design, geographic indicators and plants.


Purpose of Intellectual Property Regime

                 Purpose of IP Regime



Countries with Intellectual Property Regime

                 IP Regime Countries


Countries with IP regime or patent box regime or innovation box regime include: Ireland, UK, Italy, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyrus, Malta, Portugal, Spain, OECD countries, India, China and G20 countries.


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Multi National Companies, Enterprises, Start-ups, Accelerators, Universities, International Tax companies, Tax Consultants, International IP Law firms



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