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Building High Quality Innovation Pipeline

Companies depend on innovation for growth. They see innovations as growth enablers. Modern best practices fragmented innovation development processes, enabling you to select and translate steady stream of ideas - transformative ideas into strong innovation portfolio and accelerate innovations from lab to market.


Make Innovation Your Core Competence

A 2012 Global Innovation 1000 survey by Booz & Company revealed a 8-9% revenue growth advantage for companies that effectively generate ideas and convert them to projects, but 75 percent admitted that they are not doing well. At the core of th issue is the fact that vast majority of programs do not get launched, commercialized, nor do they meet expectations. Fragmented processes exacerbate the problem. These broken processes are for many companies a tremendous drain on resources. So, for those who get it right, it is huge advantage.


  • Building High Quality Innovation Pipeline

                Innovation Pipeline Management


    By leveraging innovation, you are making a commitment to organization to drive business growth. The centralized knowledge based and intelligence driven approach drives faster value. One of the key gain is that you are embedding continuous innovation culture, mindset across the organization and in turn drive value and adaptively cater to market requirements.


    Key value proposition includes:

    • Build strong innovation pipeline by adopting innovation as growth strategy
    • Adopt modern best practices and transform fragmented innovation development
    • Capture ideas, review and approve ideas based on business priorities
    • Keep history of ideas that aren't used
    • Minimize risk of failure
    • Create balanced innovation portfolio

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