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VajraSoft Inc. is Intellectual Property Management Software Company based in Silicon Valley, California, helping customers manage innovations and monetize IP’s. As Master Class IP Applications Solution Provider, VajraSoft Inc. is one-stop shop for all Intellectual Property solutions and helps businesses accelerate their innovations from Lab to Market. VajraSoft Inc. products won several Cloud awards including – TiE50 Award, UP Start Cloud Awards for Best Industry Application for 2012. CIO Review magazine listed VajraSoft Inc. as CIO Magazine - Top 20 Big Data Solution Providers for 2014. Silicon India magazine listed VajraSoft Inc. as Top 100 Technology companies in US for 2013. VajraSoft Inc. is also UP Start Cloud Award winner for Best BI / Analytics Application for 2013.

VajraSoft Inc. Intellectual Property Management Software Product portfolio includes: IPMation Application Suite – IPWayz TM – Global Patent Portfolio Management System, IP Cost-O-Meter TM – a global patent cost estimation tool, IP Financial Planning – Budget forecasting tool; IP Monetizer TM – to manage Patent License management and Royalty Revenue streams on IPs; and IP Patenalytics TM providing IP 3600 dashboard reporting based on key performance indicators (KPI's) and metrics. PatenTrak TM – helps customers to prepare all documents, forms for patent office submissions online, and track all the updates, office actions & responses and provides customers full insight into patent prosecution process. Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Automation – fast tracks the patent examination process and reduces costs & expedites global IP Protection. Pintels TM – Patent Intelligence System, provides Competitive Intelligence Analytics on demand. IPCity Marketplace TM – online IP Marketplace for buying, selling patents and licensing patents and fast track IP monetization. The IPWayzTM Provisional – allows you to prepare and file provisional patent applications online, in matter of minutes.

IP Products

Help you achieve automation of key IP business processes and fast-track IP Monetization


IP Solutions

Delivering the World's First and most comprehensive Intellectual Property Management for your business needs.


IP Services

Find out how to leverage IPMation to align IP strategy with business strategy.


Intellectual Property Management Product Portfolio

Our Intellectual Property Management Applications include:

IPMation TM Application Suite

  • IPWayzTM Enterprise Edition
  • IPWayzTM Professional Edition
  • IPWayzTM StartUp Edition
  • IPWayzTM University Edition
  • IP Cost-O-MeterTM
  • IP MonetizerTM
  • IP Patenalytics TM
  • PatenTrak TM
  • Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Automation
  • Pintels TM
  • IP TechMatch TM
  • IPWayz TM Provisional (Do-It-Yourself, Self-service Cloud Application)
  • IP Cost-O-Meter TM Xpress Edition (Do-It-Yourself, Self-service Cloud Application)
  • IPCity Marketplace TM
  • Pintels Patent Litigation Analytics

  • Intellectual Property Solutions

    VajraSoft Inc. also provides Intellectual Property Solutions to automate key IP business processes and increase efficiency. Some the intellectual property solutions include:

    • Integrated Intellectual Property Management Software
    • IPWayz & iDox Document Management System
    • iDoxTM - Document Management System
    • Automation of Technology Transfer and IP Commercialization Processes
    • Technology Transfer Automation Software
    • Intellectual Property Management Applications Integration
    • Patent Family Tree View
    • AIA Micro-Entity Provisions
    • European Patent (EPO) Validation
    • Translations for EPO Validation

    • Patent Services

      Patent Services offerings include:

      • Drafting Patent Applications
      • Filing Patent Applications
      • Provisional Patent Application Preparation
      • Design Patent Application Preparation & Filing
      • PCT Applications Preparation & Filing
      • PCT National Phase Filing
      • European Patent (EPO) Validation Service
      • Translations for EPO Applications for Validation

Case Studies


    Accelerate your Global Patent Filing strategies with IP Financial Planning & Budgeting capabilities

    Case Study - IP Financial Planning & Budgeting to manage Global Patent Portfolio. Generate Patent Cost Estimates in few clicks & minutes.

    Leading Semiconductor Company
    Industry Vertical: Semiconductor
  • IPWayz

    Patent Portfolio automation leads to faster alignment of IP Strategy with Business Strategy

    Case Study - Automate Patent Portfolio Management & manage it with Ease. Proactively monitor patents for patent renewals.

    Leading Semiconductor Company
    Industry Vertical: Communications

    Manage Patent License Contracts and track Royalty Revenues from all streams

    Case Study - Automate Patent Licensing & Royalty Revenue Management. Manage all types of license agreements - patents, Sponsored Research, CRADA and track royalty revenue income from licensing.

    Leading Semiconductor Company
    Industry Vertical: Semiconductor

    Submit Patent Applications & Manage Patent Prosecution Histories with Ease

    Case Study - Automate Patent Applications Submissions & Manage Patent Prosecution Lifecycle. Submit all types of patent applications online to USPTO EFS-Web and manage patent prosecution & Image File Wrappers and integrate with patent portfolio - IPWayz

    Leading Semiconductor Company
    Industry Vertical: Semiconductor
  • IPWayz

    Manage all Invention Disclosures with Ease

    Case Study - Accelerate Patent Preparation & Filing. Create, Manage all types of patent application types and generate Description, Claims, Abstract and Drawings pdf documents ready for filing to patent office.

    Leading Biotechnology Company
    Industry Vertical: Semiconductor

Customer Success Stories

These are a few success stories of our customers

  • IPWayz


    Dr. Reddy's is global pharmaceutical company and is ranked 7th among the leading US generics companies and has over 70 products and 280 dosages - in Over The Counter products, generic formulations, Prescription products, Active ingredients, biosimilars, proprietary products in global markets. 43 products of DRL ranked top 3 in market share.

  • IPMation


    Banpil Photonics develops and licenses fundamental technology expanding the boundaries of optics and electronics. Since its founding in 2003, the company has developed an extensive patented intellectual property portfolio of high speed interconnects, Multispectral imaging sensors, and high-efficiency photovoltaic technologies.


Customer Testimonials

VajraSoft Inc. has created an innovative tracking and management system which enables IP holders to understand the ROI and key financial performance metrics related to their patent portfolios. Through our collaboration with VajraSoft, we can combine Foresight’s IP valuation and strategy services with their patent portfolio management tools to offer a full end-to-end analytical solution for global IP holders.
Customer Name

Efrat Kasznik - President,

Foresight Valuation Group & IP Strategy expert
Just after my first meeting with Vajrasoft team, I was convinced that they have delivered a much-awaited product with unique and distinct features useful for all IP professionals including me. I am delighted to be associated with VajraSoft team, who are dedicated to make even the mundane-tasks of patent prosecution a fun experience. Using the product (Global IP Patent Portfolio Management Software), I shall continue to provide my clients a good handle of their portfolio and make informed business decisions.
Customer Name

Dr. Vani Velamoor

Registered US Patent Agent
VajraSoft Inc.’s impressive suite of services covering Integrated Marketing Applications (Cloud Konnect), eCTD Submissions Management and IP Tracking are in my opinion essential components for all Pharmaceutical Clients – for the smaller, virtual companies who're establishing an IP presence and business plan, for mid-size companies developing a pipeline and for larger Clients (including Generic Companies) for ease of positioning 505(b)(2) and Paragraph IV Filings. The speed at which this comprehensive set of Services has been developed is astounding and VajraSoft’s philosophy of approach, support, assistance, training and maintenance is exemplary and strongly recommended.
Customer Name

Dr. Aditya Das

Founder & Principal at Pharmaceutical Consulting
Our business needed an automated Cloud CRM Quotes management application capable of running on mobile devices - on both Android and Apple iOS platforms. VajraSoft Inc. has delivered best of class cloud hosted - Dynamic, Interactive mobile web app that allows any customer to create, submit, manage and view their car quotes from their mobile devices empowering the customer and providing what they need and when they want. This new and innovative solution is turn key in achieving our business objectives.
Customer Name

Chandra Javvadi - Director

Quote N Buy Inc